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How much water is actually good for you?

We all know the old rule of thumb: 2 liters per day. But is that actually scientifically proven and true?

Hydration is no doubt crucial for replenishing cellular water and the proper body functioning. The key, however is not simply how much water we get in, but the amount that is absorbed by our organs. So what's best to do?

It is crucial to get enough liquids in our body, but please remember that our stomach is about the size of our fist, so pouring into it more than that volume at once is not a good idea. Furthermore, our body has the mechanisms to balance out excesses, so most of that fluid will be quickly taken out. So rule number one is to keep getting liquids throughout the day and not at once. To ensure that, it is best to create a habit that will prompt you to drink regularly: like keeping a glass of water on your desk at all times.

Another idea with lots of health benefits is to actually eat your water by having lots of fruits and veggies.

Like many other things, its's best to listen to our body's signals and thirst is a very clear one. If you are not and force yourself to drink, you risk over-hydrating, which can flush your body of vital minerals.

Our advise is to integrate lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals. It's not just the cucumber that's full of water: avocados contain 82%, broccoli and spinach 92%, most of the fruits over 80%. You can have them raw or in a soup. And as a treat, you can also indulge a pack of our vegan truffles - they do not contain water, but are full of dry fruits, nuts and good fats, that will help you absorb the fat-soluble vitamins from the fruits & veggies.



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