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Our sustainable Christmas gifts


This year we have come up with another creative idea, that is in line with our core philosophy: a beautiful, while sustainable Christmas gift. Our home compostable box includes:

  • One pack of 10 balls of the most popular Chocolate & Hazelnut flavour;

  • One pack of 10 balls of our new amazing Forest Fruit flavour, all packed in fully recyclable package;

  • A bottle of amazing Nebiolo wine by Betterhalf Garage Wines, which is a boutique winery specialized in limited series wines, exclusively from its own vineyards, located at the foot of Mount Betera - an extinct volcano in Bulgaria. Since 2015, they have been experimenting with the production of wines in hand made clay vessels (made in Italy, Georgia and Bulgaria), bringing back the thousand-year-old traditions from Thrace. Due to the specific egg-shaped form and clay material of the vessels, the wines have a wonderful structure, volume, length, elegance and minerality.  

  • A Christmas tree star decoration, that incorporates once again our strive to make the world a better place. Made of biodegradable material, the beautiful white star is 3d printed and with its sleek design would blend perfectly in any festive interior;
  • And to finish with a touch of luxury, we have includes a beautiful charm bracelet, featuring an elegant silver spoon from our sister brand Coppa della Maga.
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