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Our factory


     We are extremely proud, that we manufacture all our products in our own factory. This is a huge commitment for a boutique company, but a worthy investment. That is the only way to make sure, that we can actually control the whole quality process and keep our promise to you for top product and excellent taste. The products are mostly raw, which makes the meticulous hygiene in our factory absolutely paramount. Only by observing the highest manufacturing standards, using machines and strict protocols can we guarantee the microbiological safety of the truffles. A lot of people (us including when we started off!) do not realize that ‘raw’ and ‘hand-made’ do not go so well hand in hand.


     We draw from the experience of the maitre chocolatiers, preserving the traditional chocolate making process. These practices are crossing paths in our factory with the cutting edge innovations from the vegan scene right now. All new product testing is made by hand in our small atelier and then adjusted for industrial production on our machines, in order to assure the same quality every time.


     With innovation come also the challenges. It is one thing to create something delicious at your kitchen, but completely different to turn it into a shelf-stable product, that you can keep and enjoy for months in your cupboard. Of course, adding any preservatives was out of question, but the other big obstacle was that we also did not want to have any sugar, which acts as a natural preservative in other products.

     Still today, our main challenge is the fact that nouri have no added sugar, so we have to keep finding ways to keep the products fresh and moist during the whole shelf life. Our main R&D efforts are focused there. Here, we would like to thank all of you who have been with us on this path. First of all, for your trust to try a new product, but also for your patience and constructive feedback, which has allowed us to grow to where we are today!

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