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     The only way to make an extraordinary all natural product is to select the highest quality ingredients. Another trick we use is that we process them as soon as possible, in order to seal in their aroma inside the truffles.

     Every ingredient is meticulously researched and sourced from the best place around the world where it is grown: from our Italian hazelnuts to the Madagascan vanilla.

     The secret for our most beloved chocolate flavour is the highest quality cocoa, that we select from the world’s most renown regions. The taste of the cocoa depends on so many factors: like optimal temperature and humidity for growing the plants, but then also on the best time for their picking, and the carefully controlled roasting and grinding process where the cocoa releases its beautiful aroma and flavours. That is why we pay extra attention to the cocoa selection.

     A final dusting with cocoa, nuts or other inclusions gives the enticing outer layer of our delicious truffles.

     Made of the highest quality all natural ingredients and in fully recyclable packaging, nouri truffles are now available in 4 distinctive flavours. Our chocolate flavour is frequently compared to a world-known chocolate brand, which really does put a smile on our faces. 

Taste them and let us know, if you agree!

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