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The nouri difference


     Our vegan balls are like no other - the are sweet and indulgent like a chocolate or confectionery treat; they are also healthy and nutritious like energy balls; they make the perfect snack in between meals, but also a great finish to a delicious meal or a popular gift for a loved one, which made us create more bundles to satisfy your demand for vegan presents. How should we call these magical balls then?


     When we make our treats, they are smooth and soft, with gives them a very delicate structure. This is the reason for their irregular round shape and we found no more suitable word to name them than a truffle. As you probably know, originally the name comes from the highly valuable mushroom, to whom the dark chocolate treats resemble. Today, however, these sweets are so beloved, that they have overcome by popularity the original.


     A lot of you have asked for a new flavour. Lifting slightly the curtain, we can say that we are working on a fruity truffle. And while our chefs have mastered some magnificent creations, we are still working on preserving their flavour and softness months down the road. We ask you for a little bit more patience, but in return we promise it will be worth it! 

     Today, we have the pleasure of creating the world’s first super indulgent and healthy treats. Don’t believe us - try them!

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