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Our story


     We were inspired by the idea that healthy desserts should be equally as delicious as every other treat out there. We found that many better-for-you snacks taste very similar (concentrated with dates and other dry fruits) and leave you searching for something more satisfying with a proper sense of indulgence. Have you ever felt the same way after a fruit bar or energy balls?


     That is why we decided that our number one focus with nouri should be DELICIOUS TASTE!

     And this is how the creation of nouri started: with the dream of a truly indulgent treat made without the inclusion of any added sugars or sugar alternatives.  After long months of trials, we created our vegan, gluten-free truffles with no added sugar, that taste like the real deal.


     Our slogan 'NOURISH YOUR BODY, INDULGE YOUR SOUL!’ pretty much sums up our personal credo which surrounds the belief that we should all be able to eat indulgent foods whilst simultaneously giving our body all the nourishment it needs. Nouri brings you health and indulgence combined!



     The nouri logo represents two round shapes, similar to truffles, which intersecting form the sign for eternity. We loved the idea of eternity, because it alludes to nature, sustainability, health, goodness and love. All these words reflect perfectly our core values, making the logo the best symbol for our products.


     We hope that one day, nouri will be perceived as an iconic brand for premium, healthy and indulgent treats! 

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