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Our team


     Our team of chefs and chocolatiers is committed to creating the highest quality experience for your health and taste buds. They combine traditional chocolate ingredients, while avoiding the sugar and replacing it with fruits and super foods like chia seeds or match green tea.

We strive to create a delicious, yet innovative flavours: always something new to discover, while keeping the balance with the well known and beloved desserts.

     We drew inspiration from recipes around the world: starting with the famous Belgian chocolate, through the beloved Indian sweetmeats, to the delicate Japanese green tea flavoured treats. Our team of passionate masters, recreate these traditional desserts in a healthy version and with a touch of exotic note – our personal signature. Like they did, for example, by adding turmeric and cardamom spices to the famous chickpea based dessert Ladu.


     Every member of the team has chosen to work at nouri because of their deep love for chocolate, but also out of desire to make a difference. And the best part is, that while doing so, you don’t have to sacrifice anything! If you are passionate about healthy eating and this sounds like a fun job for you, email us your application to join our team.

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